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Welcome to Digital Combustion, the most realistic fire simulator software on the planet! Fire Studio allows you to utilize pictures from your jurisdiction to create ultra-realistic simulations, like the one you see here. It’s a user-friendly, cost-effective solution for any training program. Start incorporating it into your training  today!

Fire Studio 7
Fire Simulation Software For First Responders.

Fire Studio is a state-of-the-art fire simulator software package, designed to produce ultra-realistic simulations including fire incidents, hazardous material situations, and a wide range of other emergency scenarios. With incredible realism, it delivers a truly immersive training experience, improving the decision-making skills that are vital for emergency responders.

Trusted by fire departments, militaries, colleges, and industries all over the world, Fire Studio adapts local structures into realistic training environments. It’s not just for fires but all hazards, preparing teams for a multitude of emergency situations.
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Fire Studio 7
Fire Simulator Software Features

Ultra Realistic Fire Simulator

In emergency response, a firefighter’s critical decisions are often based solely on what they see. With Fire Studio’s highly realistic simulations, you are able to to refine their decision-making skills, promoting more effective responses during real-world emergencies.

Use Your Own Images

One of Fire Studio’s unique capabilities lies in its ability to transform local structures into a simulation environment. Users can take pictures (and video) of structures in their locality, import these images into the software, and create incredibly realistic simulations.

Easy To Use Fire Simulation

Fire Studio is designed by firefighters, for firefighters. The program is mouse-driven, with much of the simulation building accomplished with drag-and-drop simplicity. There is no programming to learn.

What can you do with Fire Studio?​




What Does It Cost?

No Subscriptions.

Fire Studio 7 Instructor Edition

This is our flagship fire simulator edition. It includes everything you need to create and playback your simulations on a single computer. You can install this edition on a desktop or laptop computer. We except Purchase Orders, Credit Cards and invoice Net 30. 

No Annual Subscription. You buy it, you own it!

Looking to Upgrade to the latest version?

Upgrade from Fire Studio 5.x for only $875

Upgrade from Fire Studio 6 for only $675

Fire Studio 7 Instructor Edition

$ 1625 Create Custom Simulations
  • Everything you need to create and playback your simulations.​
  • Add your own pictures to create simulations from your location.​
  • Perfect as a stand-alone system for smaller departments.​

Fire Studio 7 Player Edition

This is our player-only fire simulator edition. It will playback any simulation that was made on the Instructor Edition of Fire Studio 7. You can install this edition on a desktop or laptop computer. We also have an iPad Edition of the Player Edition. We except Purchase Orders, Credit Cards and invoice Net 30.

No Annual Subscription Fee. You buy it, you own it!

Looking to Upgrade to the latest version?

Upgrade from Fire Studio 5.x for only $295

Upgrade from Fire Studio 6 for only $250

Fire Studio 7 Player Edition

$ 395 Per Each Device
  • Used to playback any simulation made on the Instructor Edition.​
  • Get your simulations to more screens at a lower cost.​
  • Used to build a multi-screen setup or Command Training Center.​

CommLink 7 Simulator Network Control

This is our optional network control module. CommLink allows you to connect multiple copies of Fire Studio 7 (Instructor or Player Editions) over a Local Area Network. This is used to control multi-screen simulations from a single computer. We except Purchase Orders, Credit Cards and invoice Net 30. For more information on CommLink, CLICK HERE.

No Annual Subscription Fee. You buy it, you own it!

Looking to Upgrade to the latest version?

Upgrade from CommLink 4 through 5 for only $975.

Upgrade from CommLink 6 for only $775.

CommLink Network Control

$ 1795 Remote Control Fire Studio
  • Control Multiple Screens Of Fire Studio 7.​
  • Used In Command Training Centers Or Multiple Fire Station Setups.​
  • Control 1-50 (Or More) Computers, Laptops Or IPads.​

If you want to set up Fire Studio 7 with multiple screens, we’ve made it easy. The examples below show different package setups and pricing. You can customize any package to fit your needs. These are shown to give you examples of total costs for complete fire simulator packages above a single license purchase.

Tier 1

Small Station
$ 2020 No Subscriptions.
  • 1 Instructor Edition
  • 1 Player Edition
  • Free Tech Support

Tier 2

Entry Level
$ 3205
  • 1 Instructor Edition
  • 4 Player Editions
  • Free Tech Support
  • 45 Minute On-Boarding Session

Tier 3

$ 7200
  • 2 Instructor Editions
  • 10 Player Editions
  • Free Tech Support
  • 45 Minute On-Boarding Session

Tier 4

Large System
$ Call
  • 4 Instructor Editions
  • 20 Player Editions
  • CommLink 6
  • Free Tech Support
  • 2 Hour Online 1-on-1 Training


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Instructor and Player edition?

The Instructor Edition can do everything: create and play. The Player Edition only plays scenarios.

Typically, the Player Edition complements the Instructor by providing additional, lower-cost licenses to use on separate computers allowing multiple views or positions of the incident.  This multi-license setup is typical of a fire simulator CTC, but many departments also provide Player Editions to several of their stations to allow them to train with the Simulations on their own.

Fire Studio is licensed on a per computer basis. Each computer running Fire Studio will need a license. You can purchase any number of licenses. As your needs change, you may add additional licenses. The first time you run Fire Studio, you will need to activate the software online. This will only need to be done once. Licenses are managed through your Customer Portal. 

 This is not “subscription-based” licensing. If you ever lose your training budget, we don’t want you to lose your simulation capabilities when the subscription ends! You own the license to use the software forever, so there are no problems maintaining your training program or readiness goals. We have heard many stories from training officers losing their simulation program because of budget problems when the software subscription expired. That will NOT happen with Fire Studio.

Fire Studio 7 demands robust hardware for optimal performance, especially in graphics processing. Investing in the most powerful setup within your budget is advisable. Key considerations revolve around the graphics card, system RAM, and the processor.

Graphics Card: Aim for a graphics card equipped with 4-8 GB of RAM for seamless Fire Studio operation. Leading brands like Nvidia and AMD offer suitable options. These cards handle Fire Studio well, ensuring smooth performance without straining the system.

System RAM: Allocate between 4-8+ GB of RAM to complement the graphics card. Ample system memory contributes significantly to Fire Studio’s efficiency.

Processor: A powerful processor is essential for pushing Fire Studio to its limits, enabling smoother rendering of complex smoke and fire elements on the screen without compromising performance.

DirectX Compatibility: Fire Studio 6.5 and 7 utilize DirectX 12, necessitating a graphics card compatible with this version for optimal functioning.

*Notice on Integrated Graphics Chips

Integrated Graphics Chips: While some systems incorporate integrated graphics chips like Intel HD or UHD series, they do not offer the desired performance when challenged with heavier simulations. Instances of slowdowns or crashes may occur, particularly as you augment simulations with more fire and smoke layers.

Newer Chips (Xe and Xe Ultra): Recent advancements in chips, such as the Xe and Xe Ultra, have exhibited promising results with Fire Studio 6.5 and 7. However, their reliability varies among users and systems, hence not universally recommended.

Choosing hardware components that align with Fire Studio’s requirements ensures a smoother experience, allowing you to explore its capabilities without encountering performance bottlenecks or system crashes.

Our minimum equipment requirements are shown here:

System Requirement

At Digital Combustion, we are constantly improving our fire simulator products. We offer upgrade pricing for ALL of our customers who have purchased Fire Studio in the past. This goes back all the way to version 1.0, over 15 years ago. Take advantage of our upgrade offers for Fire Studio 6 users starting at $475. (Version 1-5 users can upgrade for $675). You don’t even need the original CD. If you are in our system, you can upgrade.